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About Us

3R Rodeo Company is the Southern Regions Premier Stock Contractor. 3R has some of the top scoring bucking stock. 3R Rodeo is a multi-generational company started in 1990 By Gene Ray and his Son Jimmy Dale Ray. Dale Ray & his wife, Renate Ray have continued on with his father’s legacy and has provided the Southern Region over 3 decades of outstanding Rodeo performances.

3R Rodeo Company has won many prestigious awards in that time under the PCA and IPRA Associations. Some of which Include Man of the Year, Bronc of the Year and Bull of The Year and Athlete of the Year. Ms. Linda Ray, Secretary and Event Coordinator has also earned lifetime awards with the PCA. 3R Rodeo Company has been the primary stock contractor for the PCA Finals since 1994 and is currently the general stock contractor for Alabama Junior Rodeo Association and the Southeastern Youth Rodeo Association.

3R Rodeo Company has been the top stock contractor & gold card holder for the PCA over the past 3 decades and has continued to provide stock and services for some of the highest profit earning events in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Some of the biggest events in most recent years being St. Judes Hospital Rodeo in Ringold, Georgia being the largest Rodeo the PCA Sanctions, Bulls on the Beach at FloraBama for the past 9 years, PCA Nationals Finals Rodeo since 1994. 3R is also very well known for its hometown appearances. Jemison Rodeo had unprecedented attendances’ both days in 2022, Wilsonville Rodeo has been a fan favorite and you can’t forget Marion Rodeo. 3R has been holding Marion for 27 years and we are always excited for the Cooper Farm Rodeo for 11 Years and counting.

3R Rodeo Company provides the whole package. We provide the stock, equipment as needed, timers, the wranglers & clowns, pickup men, announcer, judges and most importantly the competitors. We also provide specialty acts and advertisement as needed depending on the venues needs. 3R Rodeo Company always shares and promotes any event we book on all social media platforms connected to 3R Rodeo Company.

3R Rodeo Company is flexible and can adjust our basic packages to fit the needs of the venue being held. If you see something you do not like, let us know, we can talk about alternative options to make this event fit your needs and be a huge success! Rodeo is back, and 3R Rodeo is here to provide an outstanding show for your town.

Jerry Byrd - Rodeo Announcer

Born and raised in Robertsdale, Al. Jerry Byrd’s announcing career started over 20 years ago, announcing at the Jr. Rodeo level and then moving up to the Professional Circuit. Jerry’s energetic style of announcing and his ability to keep the rodeo moving along in a timely manner has afforded him the opportunity to be chosen to Announce some of the most prestigious rodeos in the southeast.

Jerry Byrd - Rodeo Announcer for 3R Rodeo Company

Mack Ginn - Rodeo Announcer

I grew up Mississippi, where Southern Hospitality, Yes Ma’am, Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, and Corn Bread are as much a part of everyday life as waking up and brushing your teeth! Although I did not grow up in a rodeo family or around the rodeo industry; respect, responsibility, loving the outdoors, livestock, and farm life was instilled at an early age.

As I grew older, I fell in love with the sport of Rodeo and all that the Western Way of Life entailed! From the pulsating action of the bucking chutes with the Snorty Broncs and Bad Bulls, to the fans cheering for new arena records set in the lightning fast timed events, to the smell and sound of the stock, the dirt on the arena floor, even the white lines whizzing by as miles are clicked off on the way to the next rodeo.

During my first year to announce in 2013, 3R Rodeo gave me an opportunity to be the voice of their final three events that year. The following year ,in 2014, I announced 17 rodeos for Dale & Renate Ray. When nobody else would give an unknown announcer a chance, 3R Rodeo gave me a place to begin developing and honing my skills. That opportunity led me to be the voice of the 2016 PCFR and multiple other Association Finals stretching from Florida to Northern Minnesota and from the Peach State of Georgia out to Guthrie Oklahoma’s Fabulous Lazy E Arena over the years! Today, My schedule doesn’t allow me to announce as may rodeos for 3R; but the seven rodeos I am still involved with are always bittersweet, taking a step back to where it all started for me.

Mack Ginn - Rodeo Announcer - 3R Rodeo Company

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